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A Tattoo Design Studio or Tattoo Centre (Body Tattoo Shop) is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women.

As one of the top Tattoo Design Studio, we offer you the best and most advanced technology in tattoo designing. You can rest assured of receiving the best treatment and the most authentic designs. If you have a design in your mind, we can help convert the design into reality. Our equipment is rated highly and approved by the international standards. At Durga’s, you can rest assured of the quality of the designs and the satisfaction at the end of it.

Tattoos, very often are something close to the heart, not to mention personal for most people who decide to get one. Tattoos are a way of expressing one's personality or passion towards a person/belief. So we try to understand the reasons and the true intentions behind the design. Our designers discuss with you on every aspect of the design. We reach into our vast experience and offer you designs that suit your preferences. You can pick from a wide range of traditional tribal art tattoos or modern graphical designs, to add to the style statement.

Cupids to signify romance, Sun signs to portray personality, Butterflies & birds that signify freedom, Spiritual & Religious Symbols and Tribal Art are some of the commonest sought after designs when one wants to get inked permanently.

By cutting down on our overheads, we’ve been able to create the quality tattoos we’re known for, but at competitive prices.


We import our ink from abroad to guarantee vibrant tattoos that last. Choose from our portfolio of flash tattoos (ready-made tattoo designs) or visit our studio to get a custom-designed tattoo.


Aftercare will be provided once the tattoo is done to let you know how to take care of the tattoo.


We Care For Your Tattoo As You Care for Yourself

  • Keep the Wrap on for at least an hour- Dab Clean any seepage with a Clean Tissue Paper.
  • 1st day use only CIPLADINE (Anti-microbial Ointment) twice a day. Apply this ointment on 2 times a day so that your tattoo is safe from any chance of contracting an infection.
  • After the first Day when the Tattoo Starts to dry, apply Vitamin A&D / BABY-OIL. Apply this oil on 4-5 times a day so that your tattoo is always moisturized. At any given point of time it should never look dry instead there should always be a thin layer of gloss from the applied oil.
  • Continue applying the Oil till the time the Tattoo completely heals you can also continue for a week after you think it’s completely healed.


  • DO NOT expose to water the 1st day- Apply a thin layer of Vit. A&D with Clean hands before bathing.
  • DO NOT apply too much ointment or oil- Whatever you apply make sure it’s always a thin layer.
  • DO NOT use Vaseline or petroleum jelly under any circumstance.
  • The Tattoo is bound to itch when the healing process starts. DO NOT ITCH or pick at the Scab that forms during Healing, Let the Skin fall by itself, do not Try to pull it out to hurry the process, it will only damage the tattoo.
  • DO NOT use multiple products on your tattoo. It may cause chemical reactions between the ointments
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